Hydrogen Generator And Nitrogen Generator, We Should Pay Attention To The Purity Of The Reagents Used And Pipeline Leakage

Because the air compressor direct compression laboratory air, in order to ensure that the gas purification results, first of all, to ensure a clean environment laboratory some may put oil into the compressor gas, so the use of compressed air and at the same time, in addition to organic impurities before water vapor. Hydrogen generator and nitrogen generator, we should pay attention to the purity of the reagents used and whether the pipeline leaks, water vapor is the primary impurity. In order to remove impurities in the gas, it is necessary to connect between the gas source and the instrument. Such as molecular sieve or activated carbon adsorption removal of molecular organic compounds, water vapor through the removal of color glue. Molecular sieve purification, activated carbon and silica gel after - during a given time, pay attention to check and replacement, replacement of the packing can be activated again to continue to use, but should pay attention to the filling of powder is removed, to avoid clogging the gas path.

(2) to analyze the reasons for the impurity gases are mainly permanent gases, organic compounds and water vapor, low molecular weight analysis that the main object analysis that the effect of chromatographic column, detector and influence, sensitivity and invariance, and analysis of the results before, must strictly purge gas into the instrument, make sure the required purity of gas chromatograph.

In order to avoid high high or low, low control, what should be taken to ensure the purity of gas and the use of safety?

If the long-term use of low purity gas equipment, once the low concentration of demand analysis, samples by high accuracy, high sensitivity in order to restore the instrument is very difficult. For more constant or semi micro analysis instruments, gas supply requirements are not very strict when Luchuang analysis reminder: if the gas with high purity, which will not only increase operating costs, but also add to the complexity of the gas path, is to use the gas purity requirements to or slightly higher than the instrument itself for gas purity requirements then, this is in order to meet the work requirements, but also the service life of the instrument further delay, save the operation cost.

(3) to ensure the safety of the gas purification and utilization of solutions, from the need for gas source, the use of the process as well as emissions from various considerations.

(4) the case study is based on the Teaching Laboratory of instrumental analysis. In order to ensure the safety of gas purification and use, you must live in the air. The gas chromatograph is equipped with a hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID), equipped with nitrogen, hydrogen and air.

In order to ensure safe use of gas, also need to consider the exhaust (vent gas) emissions safety. As the septum purge gas flow vents and detector vent piping should be connected to outside (using hydrogen as carrier gas, it is necessary to the outside). To avoid indoor air pollution of toxic and harmful substances, endangering the health of operators, but also consider the safety of hydrogen as carrier gas.

Because of the convenience of the cylinder in the test room, the utility model has the advantages that the nitrogen is used for the cylinder, and the hydrogen generator is used for taking into account the safe utilization of the hydrogen. In order to remove gaseous impurities, a nitrogen cylinder and hydrogen generating device equipped with silica gel adsorption air generator set adsorption device equipment and activated carbon and silica gel adsorber half half molecular sieve.

In the process of gas emptying instrument (septum purge, shunt outlet, outlet and carrier detector), you have to go outdoors, as depending on the indoor environment and safe effect, and the combustible gas, safety considerations, should be in the first.

Because the purge gas from the gas carrier is used as a carrier gas, it is necessary to connect the purge outlet pipe to the outside. Safe and clean indoor, vent and vent flow detector should also try to use the pipe connected to the outside.

(1) the purity of gas (carrier gas and auxiliary gas) required by gas chromatograph is high, and the purity of gas is generally required > 9999%. The gas source is supplied by a gas chromatograph with a high pressure cylinder or a gas generator in the market of an air compressor today, the hydrogen generator and the nitrogen generator, the other cylinders can be utilized.

What kind of gas source, with high pressure gas cylinder or gas generator, to specific analysis. The conventional natural gas plant, to ensure the quality of gas supply, the cost is low, and convenient replacement material laboratory cylinders, cylinders. If the hydrogen cylinder, should be placed in the outdoor or independent gas to ensure safety; if the laboratory ventilation or storage is not convenient, we recommend the use of a gas generator.