Hydrogen Generator Hydrogen Less Than Expected How To Do

The purity of hydrogen has a great influence on the stability of chromatography, and it is widely used in chromatographic analysis. At present, there are two main sources of hydrogen for chromatographic analysis, one is hydrogen gas cylinder, the other is pure hydrogen generator.

Pure water hydrogen generator is mainly composed of electrolytic cell, switching power supply, pressure control, purification, flow display system. The purity, flow rate and pressure of hydrogen have great influence on the normal operation of chromatograph. The following are the common troubles and troubleshooting of pure water hydrogen generator.

First, pure hydrogen generator hydrogen production can not reach the predetermined pressure, that is, the display of the instrument is larger than the actual usage

Failure reason: air system leakage, filter or filter cover is not tightened, hydrogen cell leakage.

Inspection method: using the leak detection of the gas path connection.

Method: to replace the leak, leak point, contact element and tighten the replacement of electrolytic cell factory.

Two, pure water hydrogen generator to produce hydrogen more than a predetermined pressure

Fault: automatic tracking device barndoor dislocation or damage loss, photoelectric coupling.

Inspection methods: visual, multimeter measuring circuit.

Troubleshooting: turn off the power before the panel pressure reaches 0.3 MPa, the light barrier installed in a reasonable position, turn the power switch to tap the photoelectric coupling element retaining plate can be tightly, replace the damaged.

Three, pure water hydrogen generator can not start: failure reason is not connected to the circuit, hydrogen switch power supply damage, when the pressure is 0 no-load operation of the electrolytic tank burned out

Inspection method: check the circuit, use multimeter to measure the voltage of the electrolytic cell is about 2.3V.

Methods: repair the power supply, replace the damaged hydrogen switching power supply, replace the electrolytic cell.

Pure water hydrogen generator failure, to be resolved in time, so as not to affect the normal work of the instrument.