New energy cooperation with new partner

Kaiwen Pu secretary of pingchang county, bazhong city, sichuan province,visited JSPOWER on Aug. 28st,2017.He is interested in JST-3KW hydrogen fuel cell generator and JS-15W-WATER water generator.






JST-3KW is a high-level safety back up power for communication station and the best option to provide safe ,noiseless and long service time power to customers.

It can be widely used in communication station, military reservation power system, banking system, railway system, civil aviation system and hospital etc. With the advantages of clean and environment-friendly, easy and remote control operations, fast start up and long service time, JST-3KW hydrogen fuel cell is able to provide instantaneously and ongoing power during power outages.



JS-15W-WATER water generator consists of DC/DC adaptor and Magnesium air fuel cell, which can start work only by adding salty water into the power module.It can be used in charging all models of mobile phones and PADs, and the best option portable backup power for individual military, camping, emergency relief communication, border posts&lifeboats etc.Clean and environmentally-friendly,also convenient and efficient.

With all the advantages mentioned above, Mr. Pu confirmed JS-15W-WATER water generator can be really useful for people in Sichuan and hell have further discussion with Mr. Wang for future cooperation when Mr. Wang visiting Pingchang.



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