The Origin Of Hydrogen Water

There is a cave located in Germany in eastern Dusseldorf landed near the rock Everfount Laura knoll, emerged a sweet spring water, the village people are surprised to find that after drinking water cave, the body becomes more healthy, full of vitality, a variety of sub-health symptoms, including insomnia, anxiety, lumbago, stomach discomfort disappeared the skin becomes smooth and delicate, many chronic diseases can significantly improve symptoms, some patients even miraculously recovered.

From the beginning of 1992, the spring became world-famous, as of 2003, more than 2 million people around the world to experience this, have a significant effect. Coincidentally, France luerde springs, Mexico town Tolak Dick spring, have a similar phenomenon. This phenomenon attracted the attention of scientists, and study the measurement, results show that Germany Noel France, cave water board Laura Lourdes spring, Mexico town Tolak Dick spring, the world's three largest "miracle" water has a characteristic, the water contains a certain concentration of hydrogen. Which triggered the there is a close relationship between longevity and life activity of hydrogen and human health.

The famous Japanese scholar Dr. TANEKI OYIGGA immunity lady unfortunately suffered from ovarian cancer, although tried various methods, but the disease has not seen the lady, 000 worry Mo show, heard Dr. Lourdes in France's magic springs (Legend of more than 5 million people a year come to drink water, drink, miracle) effect there.

Dr. filled with buckets of water back to Japan, but the magic spring back after the failure, it aroused the research on Dr. spring desire, through unremitting efforts and research, finally found, is very beneficial to human health with hydrogen spring, spring hydrogen played a role, but also found an important question: hydrogen cannot keep moving, long time will be sent into the air, not the storage characteristics.