The Practicability Of Industrial Hydrogen Generator

At present, the large generator is widely used as a cooling medium hydrogen generator, industrial hydrogen generator can generate hydrogen from deionized water, and can provide high flow, according to the needs of high purity hydrogen source is a reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions. Compared with the traditional way of supplying gas to bottled or canned hydrogen, the industrial hydrogen generator can reduce the logistics cost of pipeline and heavy trailer, which can save 80% of the cost of hydrogen. At the same time, it provides a constant high purity hydrogen to help improve the efficiency of the generator. In addition, the hydrogen generator can minimize the hydrogen inventory, to avoid the potential risks of the preservation of a large number of high pressure combustible gas.

Industrial hydrogen generator is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metal processing, renewable energy and other fields, the high efficiency embodied in the whole work, is similar to other similar products in the industry can not be compared.