Two Installation Methods Of Hydrogen Generator Filter Tube

Whether it is a split generator or a combination of the generator, are required for dry gas purification for output, namely dehumidification hydrocarbon removal (or oil), let's talk about the two installation method of hydrogen generator filter tube.

1) vertical installation: the inlet and outlet of the hydrogen generator purge tube are at the bottom of the instrument. There are two kinds of methods:

Purification of A. tube with tube adsorbent loaded in the liner, the hydrogen generator gas by adsorption followed by purification of the middle tube and the liner slot into the purge pipe at the bottom of the output, this method is affected by the structure and processing technology, hydrogen generator liner can remove the tube from the purification effect, what gas is the adsorbent resistance and does not pass through the adsorbent, causing gas unfiltered hydrogen generator output directly, affect the normal use of chromatography;

Purification of B. pipes with catheter tube into adsorbent purification, gas by adsorption after catheter output, this method is using stainless steel tube, stainless steel tube for hydrogen generator but opaque for user direct observation of the change of adsorbent is not convenient to use.

2) hoisting: purify air inlet and outlet pipe in the upper part of the instrument, the outlet downward, the hydrogen generator from the electrolytic separation tank or gas compressor came first from the center of the fixing cover protruding downwards through the air inlet pipe into the bottom of the inner core of desiccant, hydrogen generator and then through the adsorbent filter and then upward return to the fixed cover around the outlet, so as to ensure the gas passes through the effective filter and then output.

Due to the working principle of the humidity limit, hydrogen generator and gas pool electrolytic separation are relatively large, when the gas by electrolytic separation after the pool there will be more or less water vapor condenses into water, hydrogen generator by vertical mounted fixed purifying pipe, liquid drop due to gravity in replacing the filter drops into the outlet. Into the chromatograph pipeline, pipeline system caused by pollution. Hydrogen generator lift type to avoid the above problems.

Some of the hydrogen generator manufacturers in order to reduce the humidity of the gas output electrolytic separation pool, steam water separator is added between the electrolytic cell and purifying pipe, the powder metal material filter material hydrogen generator separator for sintering, wet dry gas separation tank for alkaline electrolytic output gas, hydrogen generator will alkaline gas powder metal material corrosion in the separator or even blocked, affecting the normal use of the generator, then the hydrogen generator more serious may due to blockage caused by excessive pressure caused by the explosion, we want users to use must note.