Use Of Hydrogen Generator

First, the use of

1, the instrument will be removed from the packaging box, the surface of the instrument to observe the damage caused by transport, and check the packing list of the number of goods is complete.

2, place should meet the following requirements:

With good ventilation;

Keep away from heat sources such as radiators or heating pipes;

No vibration, direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, dry environment;

Ambient temperature: 10 -40;

Relative humidity: less than 85%.

3, ready to boot:

Preparation of electrolyte: dissolved in 500ml distilled water (Type 300: 120g, type 500: 150g) potassium hydroxide, the solution after cooling into the tank, and add distilled water to the liquid level scale. The liquid injection port is located at the top of the instrument. Work to ensure that the instrument "O2" mouth open, such as the instrument to stop working 15 days to extract the electrolyte

4, instrument self-test:

A, the instrument output seal cap screw, turn on the power cord, turn on the power supply. The instrument for flow display: 500ml/min (XYH-300 for 300ml/min); the output pressure rise slowly, when reaches the set value (0.3MPa), flow down, the final display is "000", it shows that the instrument inspection. If the number is greater than 0, please check the output with soap to see if the nut is tightened.

B, after the completion of the above operation, shut down and remove the output nut. (please keep it in order to check the instrument) and turn on the gas equipment (or gas purifier). Turn on the power supply instrument.

C, the instrument should pay attention to the use of flow in the gas equipment is used to show the same amount of gas, such as the flow shows that the actual amount of gas equipment is too large, should stop the leak detection. Check the connection point or whether there is any leakage of gas equipment and solve it